Mike Damant looking to the future.

Consultant, coach & trainer

Looking for the Best Automotive Consultant, Coach, Trainer or Non-executive director you can find?

In the Automotive Retail Sector but not inspired by your current training, consultancy, or coaching support? Your search is over!

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Why clients like what I do

Forward Thinking

I have been involved in industry changing innovation.


I work with some of the leading figures in the automotive L&D sector.


Delegates like the way I teach. Clients like my style, those being coached respect my views.


I am considered as a “Safe pair of Hands” and I am held with high regard within the industry.


Training and consultancy has to drive measurable business improvement; Coaching has to lead to be behavioural change.


A Learning & Development journey that began in 1992 with a passion for changing the automotive industry for the better-the journey continues…


Started in the automotive industry at the age of 13, working in the school holidays in a part department, valet bay and, when old enough, serving petrol. Has a lifetime passion for the business ever since!

Thank you, Mike, for a brilliant week! Kept me focused, kept the flow and made it really enjoyable. I am very much looking forward to my new career.

Aston Martin Delegate

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