Mike Damant holding two drumsticks.


An interview with Mike

So, were you always interested in cars?

Ever since my Father bought me my first Corgi model.

When did you start working in the Motor Trade?

I was 13; a holiday job at our local BL dealer in their parts department. I was looked after by a great Parts man, Andy Cook, who drove a ‘C’ reg MGB and protected me from the technicians practical jokes!

And after leaving school?

After a brief encounter with the insurance industry, I started as a trainee sales executive when I was still 18. I worked in the retail side of the business for 13 years, finishing up as a GSM.

So then into training?

The Ad read “ Love the Car industry, but Tired of the Grind? “ So, 11 years with Half-A-Car started (I was employee number 8), taking Ford Options to the Ford Network and changing the way the UK drive cars - forever!

“To build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class”

That was the dream of W.O. Bentley and I joined that dream to head a new global Academy to take Continental GT launch training around the world - not a big gig!

A return to Ford beckoned?

I have a massive respect for the Brand, so to head their College in Loughborough was an honour and started my connection with the Loughborough area - I have lived there ever since.

A big step to go it alone?

A long-term colleague and friend said, “ You know enough people, why don’t you have a go on your own?” Seemed like a good idea at the time, until you hand in your notice!

It’s been a journey!

I love being my own boss. The course delegates make it fun! I’ve bumped into several managers that say “I remember when I first started, you took me on my first course (including those that work with my son now!) Likewise, being able to prove results through the business coaching I have given.


I have a few: Love my music, so if there is such a thing as reincarnation I’d probably run a music venue, or manage a band, or maybe even be a drummer in a rock & roll band-that could be a great title for a song!

Quick biography

Starting as a Trainee Car Sales Executive in 1979, I quickly rose into Management. A move into training in 1992, has led me to head two major Automotive Academies.

The Mike Damant Partnership Ltd

Whilst specialising in training, coaching and consultancy for the Automotive and Retail sectors, I have also been involved with projects for media, property and hospitality.

Executive Coaching

Short, sharp sessions to help individuals discover what they already know, but with the reassurance of a coach that knows their business as well as they do.

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